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Tuesday, 29 January 2019

The finalization of cadre restructuring committee report is at the last leg.  But our effort for getting implemented by the Government is five steps ahead.  We have to further devote more time than  the finalization of committee deliberations to get implemented.  Until then we should follow scrupulously with the Government.  All should understand that when it is accepted and implemented by the Government it will be not be restricted to either the General Secretary or any individual of our Union.  All persons sitting outside of union and criticizing for non-fulfillment of their individual benefits by the activities of the Union will also going to reap the harvest.  We would understand that the Union is not working for protecting anybody's self interest but the common interest of the cadres involved in the Union.  We therefore request that all members may extend all time free minded help to Union Office Bearers.  Jai Hind !!!