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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

No. 37-47/2010-SPB-I
Government of India
Ministry of Communications & IT
Department of Posts
(Personnel Division)
Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
NewDelhi-110 001
Dated: 16.04.2015
1. All Heads of Circles,
2. Director, RAK National Postal Academy, Ghaziabad
3. A11 Directors of PTCs

Subject: Probation and / or confirmation of Direct Recruit Postal Assistants / Sorting Assistants in the Department of Posts - reg.

Sir / Madam,

I am directed to refer to the above mentioned subject and to say that the issue of probation and / or confirmation of the Direct Recruit Postal Assistants / Sorting Assistants (PAs/SAs) has been engaging the attention of the Department for some time. It is indicated that presently on their appointment, such PAs/SAs are imparted induction training and they have to pass the prescribed tests during the said training.

2. Currently, such Direct Recruit PAs/SAs undergo institutional training of upto 48 days at the Postal Training Centres (PTCs). They have to obtain at least 60% marks in the tests in order to come out of training successfully. If any PA/ SA fails to obtain 60% marks, he/she is retained in the PTC for re-training for 2 weeks and undergoes two tests (one each week). Despite retraining, if such PA/SA still does not obtain 60% marks, suitable adverse notice is taken against him/her.

3. The matter has been revisited by the Department in consultation with the Department of Personnel"& Training (DOP&T). At the outset, it is emphasized that the tests, which the Direct Recruit PAs/SAs undergo while on training, need to be closely monitored and it should be ensured that only those PAs/SAs who obtain required marks in the tests may be declared to have satisfactorily completed the probation period and confirmed ‘in service, provided such PA/SA has also performed/acted satisfactorily during the probation period. As per the Recruitment Rules of PA/SA issued by the Department of Posts, the Direct Recruit PAS/SAs are confirmed in service by a Departmental Confirmation Committee (DCC) and pending confirmation, they remain on probation and their services are governed by CCS (Temporary Service), Rules, 1965.

4. Besides above, following points may be kept in view by the PTCs and the Circles while considering the confirmation of such Direct Recruit PAs/SAs, who are on probation:

(1) Direct Recruit PAs/SAs (on probation) who fail in the tests held in PTCs:-

(a) If any Direct Recruit PAs/SAs (on probation) is unable to clear the tests in the first attempt, he/she may be given two more chances to pass the tests. These three chances (including first chance during training) may be held/conducted within the two-year mandatory probation period. In the interregnum, such PA/SA may be posted temporarily to a Post Office/RMS office against a non-sensitive post.

(b) Before the third chance is given to a PA/SA, who has failed in two attempts, he/she may be given a written warning to the effect that his/her failure in mandatory tests does not justify his/her confirmation in the Service and that, unless he/she showed substantial improvement within a specified period and clears the test, the issue of terminating him from service will be considered.

(c) If any PA/SA is still unable to clear the Tests in three attempts within two years, the probation period in his/her case will be extended by six months during which time he/she shall have to mandatorily pass the tests. For such PAS/SAs, whose probation period has been extended by six months due to failure to pass the tests, a qualifying test will also be introduced which will be in addition to the existing tests. The modalities of such qualifying test will be prepared/finalized by the Training Division of the Postal Directorate.

(d) In case he/she passes the required tests and qualifying test and has also acted/performed satisfactorily during the entire period of probation including extension also, he/she may be declared to have successfully completed the probation period and may be confirmed in service by the DCC.

(e) If a PA/SA again fails in the tests and/or does not pass the qualifying test, the services of such temporary Direct Recruit PA/SA shall be terminated.

(II) Direct Recruit PAs/SAs (on probation) who pass the test, but their conduct/ performance is unsatisfactory:

(a) In case conduct/performance of a PA/SA is found unsatisfactory during the probation period irrespective of the fact that he/she has passed the required tests, the probation period of such PA/SA will be extended for six months in order for him/her to improve his/her conduct/performance to a satisfactory level.

(b) Such PA/SA as mentioned in (a) above may be given a written warning that unless his/her conduct/performance improves to a satisfactory level, the issue of terminating his/her services will be considered. In case his/her conduct/performance has improved to a satisfactory level during the extended probation period, he/she may be declared to have successfully completed the probation period and may be confirmed in service. If not, the services of such temporary Direct Recruit PA/SA shall be terminated.

5. The PTCs shall send reports relating to conduct/performance and passing/failing in the tests/qualifying test etc. as the case may be, in respect of each Direct Recruit PA/SA (on probation) to the Divisional Head concerned.

6. In order to ensure that termination cases are decided appropriately, the Divisional Head concerned, the Appointing Authority of PA/SA, will first issue a speaking Show Cause Notice covering reasons in detail for termination to the PA/SA concerned within 15 days after completion of extended six months’ period of probation. The said PA/SA will be given 15 days’ time to make representation, if any. Subsequently, the said Divisional Head, after carefully examining all relevant documents as also the representation, if any, of the official concerned, will decide the case of his/her termination within 45 days from the date of issue of Show Cause Notice.

7. Successful completion of training is a pre-requisite for completion of probation. Therefore, above may be included in the provisional offer of appointment issued to the candidates.

8. This may be brought to the notice of all concerned.

Yours faithfully,

(N T Paite)
Director (SPN)

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