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Thursday, 4 August 2016

No.NUPCWNGE/GS/2016                                 Date : 3rd August, 2016

Shri B.V.Sudhakar
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan
Subject:  Reorganisation of Civil Wing – regarding.

                   With due respect, we submit the following for your kind intervention and necessary action please.

                   As you are well aware that the Civil Wing of the Department are always kept as an ignored portion in regard of the matter of staff benefits as well as the matters of establishment.  The present set up of the Civil Wing is continuing since the bifurcation of the Department of Posts & Telecom.  At the time of bifurcation the major portion of the Civil Wing of the P&T Civil Wing was taken by the Department of Telecom.  The allotment was very less number of Zonal, Circles, Divisions and Sub-Divisions to the Department of Posts considering the work load at the time itself in the year 1996.  Thereafter, the Department of Posts have started with lot of infrastructural developments with this meagre strength of Civil Wing. During the initial stage the Civil Wing administration have recruited 50% of the sanctioned strength by way of transfer or on deputation from various Ministries/Departments in the cadre of ministerial and engineering cadres to meet the requirement of the Department.   In the meantime, the Government have introduced a policy of non-filling of vacancies and at the later stage it was decided to abolish the vacant posts.  Accordingly the Department of Posts have abolished the all the available vacant posts without any consideration of actual requirement. 

                   Now the sanctioned strength of a Division Office is having only three grade-I clerks and one grade-II clerk which is very insufficient and also due to the infrastructural developments like Project Arrow and other modernisation projects and now ensuing Banking the existing strength of Division Offices in the country is very less to meet the coming day requirement of the Department.

                   Further to this the states like Chattisgarh, Jharkhand and Telengana the Postal Circles have been created and started functioning but the Civil Wing set up has not been created along with these Circles hence the Chief Postmaster Generals have to approach the erstwhile Civil Wing set ups which is very difficult for them also and they do not have any control over the Civil Wing meant for these circles.  If new set up of Civil Wing is created for these circles the CPMGs will have their own control over the concerned unit of Civil Wing.

                   During the meeting with the Civil Wing Administration in January and 01.08.2016 our Union have raised this point and requested for re-organisation of Civil Wing and revival of abolished posts as is done in the case of Postal Side, they have intimated that the matter has to be taken up with the Postal Administration and not in their control.  

                   In view of the above, we request you to considering the ensuing development of the Department for functioning of the Civil Wing to cater the developmental activities in the line of the development of the Department.  

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,


Copy for taking up the matter at the appropriate platform in the Department to :-

1.   Shri D.Theagarajan, Secretary General, FNPO, T-24 Atul Grove Road, New Delhi-110001
2.   Shri D.Kishan Rao,  General Secretary, FNPO P-III & Member, Departmental Council, New Delhi



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