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Wednesday, 3 May 2017


Shri A.N.Nanda
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan
NEW DELHI-110001

Subject : Minutes of the meeting with staff representatives of Federation of National Postal Organizations (FNPO) and its affiliated National Union of Postal Civil Wing Non Gazetted Employees held on 28.03.2017 – regarding.

Respected sir,

                   At first we would like to congratulate you to the elevation of the post of Secretary in the Department and we hope during your tenure we the staff members will get our genuine issues settled in amicable and consciences with the Department.

                   Sir, we have issued a agitation notice on 15.02.2017 wherein we was supposed to conduct indefinite hunger strike with effect from 29.03.2017 on various demands pending for quite long time before the Department.  We are the worst hit departmental employees in the Department even though we are responsible for very sensitive works as well as the developers of the face lifters of the Department.

                   The Department was very kind enough to conduct a meeting under the Chairpersonship of Major General Meena Datta, Additional Director General (Co-ordination) and represented by the Chief Engineer(Civil), Superintending Engineer ©(HQ), Director (SR & Legal) and ADG(SR & Legal).  The Staff side was represented by the   President,   Secretary  General   of   FNPO   and  the undersigned along with President of our Union besides Circle Secretary of Kolkatta Circle. Even though the minutes of the meeting have been issued vide No.08-05/2017-SR dated 12th April, 2017 we have not received the same yet officially but we have obtained from reliable source. It is astonishing that the recorded minutes does not contain the deliberations had with us by the Addl.Director General (Co-ordination) but it is reiteration of the letter issued by the Chief Engineer vide their No.10-9(1)/CEND/2016/191 dated 03.03.2017 except in one or two issues.  The details of the charter of demands submitted by us on 28.03.2017 are enclosed for your kind ready reference.


Immediate withdrawal of the order No.F.No.1-3/ 2016-CWP/255 dated 02.02.17
The order dated 02.02.2017 for redistribution of posts has been issued to comply with the DOT order No.66-24/2013-SPB-I dated 27.07.2016 issued by ADG(SPN) for abolition of posts according to which 25 posts of WC Grade-II had been abolished vide order No.1-3/2016-CWP/192 dated 03.11.2016.  The enclosed comparative status of redistribution of posts of 2010 vis-à-vis 2017 shows that the status is substantially same except the posts of WC Grade-II which is outcome of abolition as stated above.
The Chairperson has informed that the abolition of 25 posts of Works Clerk Grade-II was on the basis of the Hon’ble Supreme Court Decision as such the withdrawal of the abolition of posts issued by the order is not possible.  Further she has stated that the demand No.1 and 3 is similar hence it can be clubbed.  The restoration of abolished posts is not at all possible but only the proposal can be made for creation of posts as per the norms and actual requirement could be considered and directed the Chief Engineer to submit the proposal with full justification of requirement.


It was stated by the union that sufficient time is not given to the transferred staff to move out and join. The Chirperson has instructed the Chief Engineer to clarify the incentives/benefits which may accrue consequent upon such transfers.

But the operative part of the minutes states that posts were abolished but redistribution of work has been done. The vacant posts after redistribution shall be filled up after calling options from the staff by 31.05.2017

In this connection our letter of even No.17.04.2017 and 26.04.2017 copies of which is enclosed for your ready reference.  The authorities of Civil Wing may be directed to consider these letters and take appropriate action.

Implementation of cadre review of Civil Wing Non Gazette Staff
This matter has already been discussed in last union meeting held on 01.08.2016 and union agreed to submit a fresh proposal with proper justification.  The proposal as and when received shall be examined accordingly.  
The operative part of the minutes is that the union was told to submit a proposal for cadre review with full justification.

But the chairperson has actually told in the meeting that the Union is not responsible for submitting any proposal for cadre review but the as per the VI Pay Commission it is mandatory for the Department to conduct the cadre review in all cadres and hence the same should be conducted and proposal should be submitted in time bound manner.

In this connection it is submitted that a Cadre Restructuring Committee was constituted by the Department and accordingly we have made our proposal and a report was published on 15.03.2015.  Neither the cadre review nor cadre restructuring have been finalized by the Department yet. The justification and all other formalities can only be made by the Department, the union can only offer our suggestions if the Department provides the Draft Reports as per actual requirement etc.

Revival of abolished posts i.e. restoration of sanctioned strength as on 31.03.2010
This matter had already been discussed in the union meeting dated 16.02.2016 and item was closed.  However a proposal with full justification as per norms if submitted by Union would be examined on its receipt.

It was informed to the Union that the posts have been abolished and distribution of work has been done.  Revival of abolished posts is not feasible at this moment.

We have agreed to the decision of the Department during discussion but we have stated that such large number of posts were abolished only because of non-recruitment of posts since 1997-2010 hence it should be reviewed accordingly and action to create new posts should be initiated by the Administration.  Without which the Civil Wing is going to be a stand still without having adequate staff.

Rule-38 transfers to Works Clerk Grade-II and Junior Engineers
This matter had already been discussed in meeting held on 01.08.2016 and it was decided in the meeting that request will be registered & appropriate reply shall be given to individual. The reply to individuals have been sent through concerned SE(Civil) and no further request is pending for consideration.
The operative part of the minutes is that the union was told to bring to notice the specific problems.  It was also stated that some Circles can be clubbed together.  Instead of six Circles, seven Circles can be created.  The union stated that they have already submitted a proposal in this regard.  It was stated by the union that sufficient time is not given to the transferred staff to move out and join.  Chief Engineer was also told to clarify the incentives/benefits which may accrue consequent upon such transfers.

The portion underlined above was mentioned by the Chairperson while discussing the point No.1  and 3 but not in the case of this point. Actually the Chief Engineer has told that the orders of Rule-38 will be considered first prior to issue the appointment order to new recruits.  But the present scenario is that the S.E’s are not forwarding the Rule-38 applications in their office for the reasons best known to them.  The same may be called for by the Chief Engineer from all SEs immediately and the agreement reached in the discussion may please be complied. All the members applying for the transfer under Rule-38 are well aware of the provisions contained therein

Promotion of Works Clerk Grade-II and MTS
This matter has already been discussed in Union meeting dated 01.08.2016.  All SE©s are already requested to fill the WC Grade II & I posts as per RR provisions. The process of promotion through Departmental Examination has already been initiated by the concerned SE(Civil).  A copy of letter dated 15.12.2016 SE© Ahmedabad is enclosed.  

The operative part of the minutes is that he process of promotion through Departmental Examination has already been initiated by the concerned SE (Civil). If any specific cases are left, the same shall be brought to the notice of Civil Wing by Union.

The Civil Wing Administration whether it is Chief Engineer level or Superintending Engineer level never intimates any general administrative orders to the recognized unions as per rules hence we are unable to know the administrative activities of Chief Engineer/Superintending Engineers hence they may be directed to endorse copies such general administrative orders/circulars to unions.

Recruitment of Draftsman Posts and Promotion of MTS to Draftsman in their present circles
RR of Jr.Draftsman have been amended and published in Gazette of India on 02.11.2016. The MTS working in Mumbai Circle & fulfilling eligibility condition has been informed by the concerned SE© that there is no vacancy falling under promotion quota.  No such case has been reported as pending in other circles.
The Chairperson directed the Chief Engineer that Circles heads may be asked to prepare rosters for promotion as per existing Recruitment Rules.

In this connection we would like to submit that the process of preparing the roster and new appointment will be a time consuming affair, till such time the eligible MTS can be promoted on ad-hoc basis so that the services of a technically qualified person can be utilized by the Dept. in an important post of the Division Office.

Up-gradation of Office Superintendent in Civil Circle as Assistant Administrative Officer
This is a new issue. The discussion on the same would be taken up with the union in the regular meeting.
It is mentioned in the minutes that this is a new issue. The discussion on the same would be taken up with the union in the regular meeting.

In this connection it is submitted that the matter was discussed in the meeting with Chief Engineer by us on 01.08.2016 and it was stated that the said order of CPWD shall be examined. Now the MES vide their order No.B/75002/1/Gen/Adm Cadre/Union/CSCC dated 07.03.2017  has also changed the nomenclature of the posts in their establishment and we have taken up the matter with the Chief Engineer.  At par with CPWD and MES we are also eligible for the same benefits in the principle of equal pay for equal work.   

Exclusion of ministerial staff from the liability of outstation poslting
It is administratively not feasible as many states have only one Civil Division.  In addition, WC Grade-I, Assistant & OS may not be posted in the Sub-Division.
The operative part is that Chief Engineer was told to move a proposal for establishing Deputation Reserve so that opportunity for deputation is open. Further 10% of posts should be reserved for deputation.

In this connection we would like to submit that without complying the decision taken as per above, the Chief Engineer is insisting for issuance of transfer orders of the staff to SEs and compliance report.  In this connection the justification for non-transfer of WC Grade-I posts to Sub-Division cannot be agreed to as the Postal Assistants (il.e. too without any sanctioned posts available with Civil Wing either for posting or for deputation) who are drawing the same status are being posted to Sub-Divisions whereas we the original staff have to face all consequences of transfers.  A copy of the order issued by SE, Ahmedabad is enclosed herewith for your ready reference.  Hence it is requested that wherever the posts of clerical cadre can be adjusted locally from Postal Side or the Superintending Engineers (Civil) should be permitted to adjust by themselves instead of involving the Chief Engineer directly in posting and transfer of Group-C staff.

Formation of exclusive JCM in Civil Wing as the Postal Circle Offices are not entertaining the Civil Wing Administration Issues
This matter had already been discussed in union meeting dated 01.08.2016.  The unions have already provided platform at SE level & CE level hence no need to form JCM in Civil Establishment.
The operative part of the minutes is that the union was asked to inform the name of the circle in which their problems are not being sorted out by Administration of the Postal Circles/CPMG

In this connection except the Tamilnadu Circle no other circles are inviting our Unions for four monthly meeting.  Even after the directions issued by the Chief Engineer to Superintending Engineers vide No.10-9(1)/CEND/UnionMeeting/
2013-14/824 except the Superintending Engineer(Civil), Bangalore no other SEs have conducted the meeting by their own.  Whenever we asks for the meeting they are asking to submit letter in writing which is against of the existing rule. We have requested the Director SR & Legal vide our letter of even dated 17.04.2017 copy of is enclosed for ready reference.

Permitting the Civil Wing Ministerial Staff for attending various Departmental Examination of Department of Posts
This is new issue.  The discussion on the same would be taken up with the union in regular meeting.
We agree to the operative part of the decision.  However, the Chief Engineer may kindly be directed to take up the same immediately as if it is agreed to the candidates eligible can apply during this financial year itself.

Regarding training to staff we have taken up the matter vide our letter of even number dated 26.04.2017 which is lacking to consider for the departmental examination conducted by the Department.  We are also part and parcel of the Department and hence eligible for all facilities available to all other departmental staff. 

In view the above we request your kind self to personally look into the above matter and may be directed to   revise the draft on the verbatim mode so that there is no confusion with the rank and file of our members as well as the authorities. To press for the same we will observe the following programs for inviting the attention of the Departmental authorities.
15th May to 17th May, 2017 -    Our members will work overtime commencing from 0800 hours to 1800 hours  and observe SILENT DAY ON 18.05.2017 WEARING BADGES OF DEMANDS
With profound gratitude to your good self we would like to state that even after the above program the Civil Wing Administration do not change their anti-staff activities we will invoke the deferred strike after issuing formal notice in the month of June, 2017.
Yours faithfully,


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