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Friday, 11 December 2015

11th December, 2015


    All the Central Government Staff were eagerly waiting for an enhancement of their pay and perks till the 7th CPC submits its report.  But the 7th CPC has submitted a report which is retrograde and anti-employee in nature.  We strongly condemn the report and request the Government to consider the same with a positive approach towards their employees.  Even though the 7th CPC projected that there is 23% percent of increase in the salaries of the central Government employees but in actual the MTS Staff and Postmen working in the Department of Posts will get `300/- less in their salary they are presently drawing if it is implemented as it is.  The Pay Commission has omitted various establishments in various departments to consider their demands as is done to the Postal Civil Wing in the Department of Posts*. We, therefore, request the Government of India to consider the report with a positive approach to the employees.


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