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Tuesday, 22 December 2015


The Superintending Enigneer(Civil) has invited the union representatives for the meeting.  The following have attended the meeting. 

Official side                                                                   Union Side

1. Sri S.K.Narnoli, Superintending Engineer         1. Sri K.Sivadasan,General Secretary
2. Smt.P.D.Smitha, EA to SE                                 2. SriD.V.N.S.Murthy, Circle Secretary
3. Sri Shair Abdur Rahman, O.S.                           3. Smt.G.Kumari, Asst. G.S.

The following points have been discussed and the decisions taken are as follows :-

1. Issue of guidelines in Rotational Transfer:

The Union represented that the Gr.C cadre transfers are to be restricted to the jurisdiction of the concerned state.  The Superintending Engineer has suggested the General Secretary to take frame a suitable criteria for transfers for the entire circle which should be within the existing administrative rule and meet the working requirement of the circle.

2. Declaration of Probation of Staff :

Union representatives pointed that probation of staff is not declared from the past fifteen years and above.  The Superintending Engineer intimated the union that the staff may give representations whose cases are to be cleared and necessary action will be taken accordingly.  Regarding the training to be imparted to the Junior Engineers as per their appointment order the union representatives intimated that CPWD is conducting the training for their JEs at Bangalore and our JEs can also be sent there for training.  The Superintending Engineer informed that this being a policy matter decision has to be taken at appropriate level.

3. Clearance of MACP cases:

The Superintending Engineer informed the union representatives that no cases are pending for clearance in this circle.

4. Promotion of MTS as WC Gr.I:

The Superintending Engineer has intimated that there are no posts in this quota for filling up from MTS

5. Filling up of vacant posts of MTS:

The Superintending Engineer has intimated that the Directorate has to give clearance for filling up the vacant posts in this cadre as at present the Circles are given powers to fill up the posts from Temporary Status Casual Mazdoors.  All the Temporary Status Casual Mazdoors in this circle have been appointed in MTS cadre.

6. Filling up of D'man posts:

The Superintending Engineer informed that there are no Recruitment Rules available in this cadre to take required action. 

The meeting concluded with the thanks to the chair 

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