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Monday, 21 July 2014

7th Pay Commission Collects Various Data of Central Government Employees

             7th Pay Commission recently called for information from all the Ministries and issued a format which requires various data about the central government employees working in Ministries / Departments. All the Ministries directed their respective departments to submit the information as required by Seventh central Pay Commission immediately. Many departments told that they have submitted the desired data/information in the prescribed format to seventh pay commission. The central government departments were asked to submit the fallowing information about central government employees.

1.Data on Personnel

Group wise Sanctioned Strength and Number in position of all Group Employees as on Pre 01-01-2014 and post 01-01-2014 also required to be submitted

2. Age Profile of employees

The total number of personnel in position as on 01/01/2014

Those less than 20 years of age
20 or more but less than 30 years of age
30 or more but less than 40 years of age
40 or more but less than 50 years of age
50 or more but less than 60 years of age
60 or more years of age

3.Autonomous bodies under the Ministry/department(As on 01/01/2014)

Number of Central Autonomous bodies :
No of personnel in Central Autonomous Bodies:

4.The fallowing Data on Expenditure on salaries & Allowance for Three financial years from 2010-11, 2011-12, and 2012-13

1.Total Plan expenditure
2.Plan expenditure on Salaries & Allowances
3. Total non plan expenditure
4. Non plan expenditure on Salaries & Allowances
5. Total expenditure (1+3)
6. Total expenditure on salaries& Allowances (2+4)
7. Expenditure on Grants in aid Salaries

5.Data on Contractual Employees

           Ministry/Departments have in the recent past, outsourced various services through personnel engaged on contractual basis. In this regard the following data is sought:

Man months of deployment at various remuneration levels i.e in four categories
a) 10000 and less per month
b) From 10001 to 20000 per month
c) From 20001 to 50000 per month
d) Over 50000 per Month
Expenditure incurred on contract employees

6.Data on Training of Employees.

            The prescribed Format which requires all the above information has been sent to all the Departments by 7th pay commission and directed to submit the information with in the stipulated date

CGHS Empanelled Hospitals should not charge the CGHS 2014 rates

They should charge only the CGHS 2010 rates till the New rates approved by MOH

CGHS rates 2014  have been placed on CGHS website for information and acceptance only

F. No. S. 11011/20/2014-CGHS (HEC)
Directorate General of Central Govt. Health Scheme
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
Nirman Bhavan, New Delhi

Dated, 16th July, 2014


It has been brought to the notice of the undersigned that some of the CGHS empanelled Health Care Organizations have started charging new CGHS rates 2014 which have been placed on CGHS website for information and acceptance only. Since these rates have not yet been notified by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the empanelled HCOs cannot charge these new rates and CGHS 2010 rates would prevail. Charging these new rates 2014 from CGHS beneficiaries by empanelled health care organizations would amount to overcharging and suitable action including recovery of overcharged amount and forfeiture of performance bank guarantee would be initiated against those HCOs by CGHS.

Dr. (Mrs.) Sharda Verma
Director (CGHS)

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