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Monday, 21 July 2014


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Ref : NUCW/160/2014 Date : 21-7-2014

Smt. Kavery Banerji

Dept. of Posts

New Delhi 110 001.

Sub : Non-inclusion of my affiliated union in the Cadre Re-structuring committee – Regarding.

Ref : EE/E/PED-1/ND/2014-15/Meeting/850 Dated 11-7-14.
It is reported by my General Secretary, National Union of Postal Civil Wing, Non-Gazatted Employees New Delhi

that the Dept. of Posts has constituted for Cadre Restructuring Committee to Civil Wing Employees (Copy of the letter

is enclosed) without including my Union.

In accordance with normal proceedures, if any Departmental Committee is constituted, representative of a

recognized union is to be included in the committee. In the Postal Civil Wing two unions are recognized by the Dept.

under RSA rules. One is affiliated with my Federation, FNPO and the other is affiliated with BPEF.

It is reported that BPEF affiliated Union including in the committee but my Federation affiliated union has not been

included. This is highly unjust and objectionable.

My Federation requests you to issue suitable instructions to the Chief Engineer, Civil wing Dak Bhawan to include

my union in the committee.

My Federation hopes and trusts that you will consider my request on merits.

Kindly acknowledge.
Your sincerely,


Secretary General FNPO

D.A. : Letter received from my General Secretary

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